kelangan bang maging martir?

i was reading this site when this text quote reminded me of hubby : 

sad but true fact of lyf:

"people will love n adore u 4 da hundreds
of gud thngs u'vdone 4 dem..
but will hate u 4 a single mstake:-(

(people will love and adore you for the hundreds of good things  you've done for them,
but will hate you for a single mistake)

I was being paranoid last night having an argument with hubby on pretty simple things. which, i believe due to my post menstrual syndrome(if there is such or i was just being total b!tch) when he told me that :

alam mo ammy(his term of endearment for me) kahit na gano karami pagkakamali mo sakin, isang maganda lang na ginawa mo, bawi na lahat ng maling nagawa mo.

It suddenly struck my heart as if with a knife.hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako, maiiyak or plain guilty for  being so dumb-hearted. There are things that i would want to understand but really there are reasons which keeps me from doing so.His being inconsistent has become an issue for me which literally in short his being  a liar at times.It has crossed my mind to just let go of these things.Pero ang hirap talaga tumanggap na lang ng tumanggap ng mga idea lalo na alam mong mali. 

Maybe marriage is about being able to swallow what you cant (no pun intended :D) . Or  in simple terms, minsan kelangan magpakamartir. Minsan you have to voice out your side pero in the end the guy still has the final say. The times that you need to say, you should have asked me first but all you can say is sige okay lang. When you needed to say pagod na ko but all you can afford is pahinga ka muna

Nakakainis isipin di ba?Pero kelangan maging martir minsan. Kelangan pagaralan. Somehow being a mother means being able to set aside oneself. But when you think about why you're doing it, and it's because of love, masarap sa pakiramdam. Siguro. But i have to try it yet. Lol.


  1. Ganun talaga sis eh. Di mo na pwedeng basta bitawan ang marriage. Especially us, girls, na masyadong sensitive sa lahat ng bagay. Na yung mga guys, di yun naiisip. Pero, what can we do? Just accept, at palipasin ang mga ginagawa nila. The same way rin naman na ginagawa nila for us. ^_^

    Just coped up with a husband-and-wife-massive-argument! ^_^ I almost gave up and planned to leave, buti napagusapan ng maayos.

  2. thanks sis. kaya natin to.Aja! :D

  3. tama ang text na iyon..isang pagkakamali lang ay masisira ang relasyon..kahit gaano pa katagal at kasarap ng pinagsamahan..a single mistake can destroy friendship or relationship..