It's More Than Just A Stat Counter

It was actually yesterday when I finally had the time again to browse on my Stat Counter account for the blogs I maintain. Well, of course at first when I started blogging,I wasn't really mindful about maximizing the use of the stat counter other than counting my site's visitors. What was important to me then, was I had my tiny space on the net to post some of my works and the counter was sort of an add-on. But what amazes me is that most stat counters these days has features for getting the information you definitely would need and allows you to maintain several blog counters in one account.

Aside from an extensive information of page loads and unique and returning visitors which you can customize to view reports, some stat counters, like the one I use, has the capacity to analyze your visitors based on the IP address. You basically can determine just by looking at the addresses if you have a growing number of unique visitors. It also specifies the entry and exit pages of every viewer and tells how many times each page has been the starting point to get to your blog. 

Where your Visitors Came From
Most likely, you have posted your blog URL on your facebook profile, your friend's blog or it came out as a result from google. The stat counter I'm using, even as it is free, can do that. For example, it shows that 100 visitors came from google.com, the counter, has an option by which you can display the IP addresses of viewers who found your site through google. Along with this are information including the visitor's browser, Operating System, resolution, returning count as well as number of entries for a specific address.

If you are particular as to where most of your visitors are from, the counter provides the location of the viewers including the country, state, city and even their Internet Service Provider. Plus, each IP address that registers in your statistics can be labeled so it would be easy to determine who your frequent visitors are. Whether they are from the US or any part of the world, you'd find the Recent Visitors Map a good help to improving your site's traffic.

Keyword Analysis
Another exciting feature for the stat counter I am using is that it can analyze the keywords used in search engines which matched your site. It is an intelligent and easy way  to determine which of your topics are popular.  You might want to use commonly searched words or SEO to improve the quality of traffic on your site. 

Visit Length and Visitors Activity
Now, since you have determined the information your want to place on your blog, it is important to identify how long the visitors stay on your site. Do they just click your URL just because it appeared on google? Or your blog allows viewers to stay reading your posts?

Every activity  of your viewer - the pictures they download, the articles they mail, the page they viewed, all these information can easily be accessed on your statistics. For bloggers who have just started like me, I guess it's worth the try. Well, its free. So, it's nice  :) lol :D

*Hey am not paid to write this okay? :D


Who are you?Call back :D

Since January 8 this year, I keep getting calls from wtf phone numbers that I have no idea  who owns these numbers.


and it happens like every other day at no particular time.
whenever i try to answer the call, it suddenly cuts off.
really annoying.

i asked google for help but what's surprising is that I am not the only one
who actually keeps getting these calls.
from that link, someone already reported it to Globe, but no one knows if they are actually doing something to block these calls.

i tried to send a message to one of my Plurk friends who work for Globe Tattoo, trying to at least  to get a link to forward it to Globe people.and hopefully I get to receive a positive reply.

Anyone who experience the same?



Have a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas Everyone!