The Caribbean

emme share one of the articles i wrote about the Caribbean, my one dream place for vacation..

The Caribbean, paradise for its 35 unique destinations is a perfect escape for vacation.

Worth visiting is the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, a multimillion-dollar center which houses different cultural attractions and considered the Caribbean’s largest museum. Visit Redonda in Antigua if you’re looking for a combination of resort and bird sanctuary, just 56 km to the southwest. Other key attractions in the City include Fort James, Betty’s Hope Sugar Estate and Nelson’s Dockyard.

Aruba however is characterized by casinos, high-rise resorts and restaurants. Include the Hyatt Regency in your list of hotels and El Gaucho for some one of the best steaks in Aruba. In the Bahamas, consider Nassau on New Providence Island and Lucaya for sandy beaches and perfect diving and fishing experience.

Even wonder where Caribbean’s best kept secrets lie? - The Anguilla, known for its villa and expensive resorts. Occupying 179 acres and surrounded by palm trees white-sand beaches is Cap Juluca. Purely tropic atmosphere yet the architecture are built on a Moorish influence. This resort is equipped with private golf, junior Olympic-size pool, and golf driving range, croquet, tennis courts and other sports facilities.

Consider five top attractions when visiting the Barbados Island: the Gun Hill signal Station, an old military outpost built in 1818; Harrison’s cave, with an hour of in cave ride to underground rivers, stalactites and stalagmites topped with Arawak Indian exhibition, Food, and souvenir shop inside the cave; flight tour overseeing the Barbados view with Bajan Helicopters; the Welchman Hall Gully to discover the 1 kilometer ravine enrich with citrus and other rare plants; Ocean Park, with its remarkable aquariums, playground for kids and mini golf.

Worth visiting in Curacao is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, the city of Willemstad, scenic with its busy port, ships sail right through the city center. The Octagon Museum, the Ostrich Farm, and Curacao Maritime are few other spotlights for Curacao.

Find relaxation and sun-tanning at Sunscape the Beach Punta Cana. Wild water sports, palm groves and sunny beaches and amazing entertainment make this place spectacular with friends and family. The floating attraction on the Caribbean is eminent to Haiti, splendid with beaches, art galleries, and historical monuments. At the Labadie area of Cap-Haitian-on exposes the Atlantic Ocean’s bluest connecting to the mountains.

St. Martin, the smallest island in the world is actually divided to two nations, the Netherlands and France. Perfect for romantic getaway is this tropical island. Take some Guavaberry, the folk liquor of St. Martin usually served to family and friends.

The Caribbean indeed is a haven of good food, luxurious places, rich culture and nature’s paradise.

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On Motherhood and Marriage

Honestly speaking, I have been alone since i was 15.
Though the most I could think of was doing my own laundry, taking care of my stuff during my college days, eating alone or should i say buying out from a cafeteria, making school related decisions, having my nail care and oh well, shopping. That still i realized, wasn't at all about being independent.

Our family is on a traditional Filipino setup since i got married. Since i am an only child my mom lived with us the moment we decided to transfer in Cavite. Doing business before and later on giving up so as not to let ourselves (hubby and i) stuck up with the home-and-shop routine.

Hubby gets to do his work, commuting everyday. His was on a flexible schedule, it's car sales. He looks for clients, probably during mall duties or over the internet, makes follow ups, client agreed for the loan setup, hubby then processed necessary papers then releases it after client pays for down payment. After few days, the commission is up for withdrawal. Yet, it wasn't easy as that.

And now, after three years of marriage, my mom decided to stay in the province alone to be able to do her church obligations which she calls 'her preparation'.

Though i get to stay home for now, i don't regret it. I am hands on when it comes to taking care of my babies. The moment when they smell 'amoy-araw' after hours of playing, is the moment I find them most soothing to cuddle. Or simply watching spongebob after my panganay gets home from school while our little boy busies himself to saying 'Ma-Ma'. Being able to spend quality time with the kids is a magical feeling for moms especially for the young ones like me who are still on the learning process of motherhood.

And yes, we have our kasambahay with us. I may not get to do household chores that often but that's because our Ate gets to handle everything. Ika nga niya, konti lang ito (comparing to what she does back home in bicol). Yet, it's still too much for me to handle alone. There are times when I still ask Ate how to do things. And pretty well, I get to take care of things after. It sometimes crossed my mind that I prefer having someone like Ate than my mother. Mom would rather do the things I don't know than teaching it for me. I was her señorita as she calls me. The only thing I don't bother doing is cooking. That's because hubby has his own preferences when it comes to cooking and well thanks God I eventually get to master what he eats and what he does not. The way to a man's heart is after all through the stomach, aight?

Financially, hubby handles it well. He's a good provider though it's only been months since he started working after we ended our business. I do the allocating which surprises him of the times something is still left when he thought all the budget was used up. But spender as I was since birth, there is always something for shopping. There is time for us, mom and dad, and for the kids. It came to me that this might be a good way to practice patience for the little kids to wait for their shopping moments to avoid turo dito, turo duon. Children as young as they are need to realize that there is a right time for everything they want. In some ways, I don't want my kids to have their mom's thinking when it comes to money. Funny, but true.

Independence does not mean being able to do every single thing in the house but rather to be able to let things work based on your household setup. These things might have been ordinary, but these things are a few of what makes a relationship work. It is basic that parents have time for each other.Hubby and i usually go on a 'date' - could be a dinner just the two of us, watch a concert or just a night out away from home. There is a need to keep the flame for each other and to stay in love more each day. And though love is sweeter each day, it is more important for the kids to feel that their parents are independent - to make them feel that 'mom and dad can do this, this and that for us'. It may be being able to provide them what they need or about security. But for the young minds, it would simply be like - 'ito ang daddy at mommy ko'.