Best Advice on How to Get an Ex Boyfriend Back Now

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Best Advice on How to Get an Ex Boyfriend Back Now

At one part of a woman’s life she would experience a downfall in a love relationship. Probably on the early years of her teenage life, or right when she was ready for marriage, or even when she was matured enough to know that the only love she wants is the love she has for ‘him.’ We long for the memories of a good relationship we had then; we let our mind consider many what-ifs; we feel every sad song like it was actually written for us; and we still feel a pang of pain in our hearts like it has just happened yesterday yet it has already been weeks or months ago.  We may simply miss his company or just can’t stand to live a day without him. Isn’t it amazing you ended a relationship because you both did not agree about something, but what you really want is to win your ex boyfriend back no matter what the past has been. Just what your heart desires, here are few of the best advices on how to get an ex boyfriend back. It may not be as easy as your first day of getting-to-know each other, but perhaps a second chance is after all the perfect answer to make the relationship work out.

No matter how you contest yourself of not looking back on your past, you might find it worthy to ask why your relationship has ended. Is it because someone has cheated or that fighting has been abusive that led to physical beating? Are there things you cannot accept of him or he just can’t take your being possessive and over powering? Or you are just challenged because he already has someone else and that you can’t take the idea of not having a boyfriend at this time. It is necessary you reflect on these things to confirm with yourself that at least on your part, what has happened in the past won’t happen again.

Rule number one: Be strong! Your first words to your ex boyfriend are determinant of your chance of getting him back. Crying and begging him won’t do any help.  You may feel the urge to let him know just how awful you feel about the breakup, but hey! You are only blowing your chance off as guys won’t be moved out of pity.  They are in fact irritated of seeing girls doing that.  Look confident, just how it’s going to work out.

Remind yourself how he fell in love with you. If you’ve met while enjoying on a night out with friends, then go out, try to meet up with him and his friends. Same way, if he fell in love with you because you were too much of a goal oriented and he admires you for that, let those goals embrace you once again. Or maybe that you get too serious with the relationship you have forgotten that it was humor that got him into you. What you need to do is focus on your positive qualities. Be more attractive and let him realize there are more than one ways for him to love you once again.

As you both may have different perspective, invite him to talk to you. Ask him how he is and that you can still remember the time you went out with him. You may express your feelings and the regret about things not working perfectly but remember, don’t over do it! Make it as casual as possible and consider every aspect of your conversation specifically paying attention to details of what he wants and doesn’t want in a relationship. Talk about possibilities, of things that have to be worked on. Do not keep blaming each other of why it has led to a break up.

And definitely, best advice on how to get an ex boyfriend back is to look your best.  If you remember him at certain point liking your hairstyle or the color of your outfit, then put that knowledge into action. Feel pretty; dress up like a princess again! Have a good time and make him notice that you are moving on with your life. You may be surprised just how interested he is, knowing other guys notice you. He may even start to miss you just before you realize what you are doing actually makes you feel even good for yourself.



  1. Well, you really hit the good points here. The question is, have you applied these tips? Lol. Just kidding. :)

  2. lol.
    you got me there.
    actually...the answer is NO!
    i dont believe in second chances.lol

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  4. It's really good points. Well, you might get your ex boyfriend back when both share the same feelings for each other.

  5. I really like your opening paragraph. You've really conjured up some excellent imagery for readers to connect to regarding life situations. Good stuff!
    One thing about "invite him to talk to you" - I reckon it's then important to tell the woman to remember to listen rather than wait for her turn to speak. We girls are very good at talking and not so hot on taking in information from others in times of stress, I think.

  6. thanks Sue. you are absolutely true. women are good at talking but we sometimes find it hard to be good listeners as well. partly because we women want to be right most of the time, if not always. and us, just listening and letting someone else talk about our issues as well, that's what we take for granted. :D

    take care sue.